Help! I Represent a Non-Profit

The following Q-and-A is adapted from a conversation which took place on the WordPress RI Meetup discussion board.  If you are interested in learning more about the monthly WordPress Meetups, check

You may find the most cost-effective tech help you can get is at WordCamp RI!

Hi. I am starting a nonprofit website, using Word Press and the Bridge theme. I’m having trouble finding someone who could be my tech person for ongoing questions, site maintenance, etc. I’m still building the site and have some help, but don’t want to pay for a full company or do everything myself. Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks!
Probably the best way to get concentrated help is to attend WordCamp RI 2016. Just $20 for two days: September 30 and October 1. There are three aspects that can be of help to you:
  1. The Happiness Bar (aka Help Desk) is staffed with volunteers both days.  It’s where you can sit down and get help. Come in with your laptop and questions.
  2. Friday Workshops are all-day sessions on a few topics. Check out the topics when the workshop schedule gets posted early September. You bring your laptop and get a concentrated amount of learning done.
  3. Saturday there are 45-minute seminars on a wide variety of topics. When the schedule is published in early September, check them out and head to the seminars that will help you!
Bonus: the 45-minute seminars are recorded and then put on so you can re-watch the seminars you went to and want to review, as well as watch a seminar you didn’t have a chance to see live at WordCamp!
p.s. While you are networking at WordCamp RI you may come across someone who would be willing to give you a hand on your non-profit project. Networking happens very easily at WordCamp RI!
Just below here is the link to the WordCamp RI website. You can subscribe if you’d like to be notified each time there’s an update on the website. (“Subscribe” is on the right side with a laptop+-size monitor and at the bottom of smart phone screens.)